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Privacy Policy

Land of Lincoln Health considers personal information to be confidential and has policies and procedures in place to protect it against unlawful use and disclosure. By “personal information,” we mean information that relates to a member’s physical or mental health or condition, the provision of health care to the member, or payment for the provision of health care or disability or life benefits to the member. Personal information does not include publicly available information or information that is available or reported in a summarized or aggregate fashion but does not identify the member.

When necessary or appropriate for your care or treatment, the operation of our health, disability or life insurance plans, or other related activities, we use personal information internally, share it with our affiliates, and disclose it to health care providers (doctors, dentists, pharmacies, hospitals and other caregivers), payers (health care provider organizations, employers who sponsor self-funded health plans or who share responsibility for the payment of benefits, and others who may be financially responsible for payment for the services or benefits you receive under your plan), other insurers, third party administrators, vendors, consultants, government authorities, and their respective agents. These parties are required to keep personal information confidential as provided by applicable law. In our health plans, participating network providers are also required to give you access to your medical records within a reasonable amount of time after you make a request.

Some of the ways in which personal information is used include claim payment; utilization review and management; medical necessity reviews; coordination of care and benefits; preventive health, early detection, vocational rehabilitation and disease and case management; quality assessment and improvement activities; auditing and anti- fraud activities; performance measurement and outcomes assessment; health, disability and life claims analysis and reporting; health services, disability and life research; data and information systems management; compliance with legal and regulatory requirements; formulary management; litigation proceedings; transfer of policies or contracts to and from other insurers, HMOs and third party administrators; underwriting activities; and due diligence activities in connection with the purchase or sale of some or all of our business. We consider these activities key for the operation of our health, disability and life plans. To the extent permitted by law, we use and disclose personal information as provided above without member consent. However, we recognize that many members do not want to receive unsolicited marketing materials unrelated to their health, disability and life benefits. We do not disclose personal information for these marketing purposes unless the member consents. We also have policies addressing circumstances in which members are unable to give consent.

To obtain a copy of our Notice of Privacy Practices, which describes in greater detail our practices concerning use and disclosure of personal information, please call the toll-free Member Services number on your ID card or visit our Internet site at Land of Lincoln Health will comply with the Genetic Information Privacy Act as well as provisions found in 215 ILCS 97/20 (A) (1); 215 ILCS 5/356v.

Use of SSN on ID Cards (815 ILCS 2QQ, 215 ILCS 139/15)
In addition, Land of Lincoln Health will comply with Federal and Illinois requirement addressing use of Social Security numbers (SSN) and ID cards. Specifically:

  • Land of Lincoln Health will not publicly posting or displaying an individual’s SSN;
  • Land of Lincoln Health will not print an individual’s SSN on any card required for the individual to access products or services.

Instead Land of Lincoln Health will provide an ID card with a unique identification number as required by 215 ILCS 139/15.

Land of Lincoln Health will not, or request another party to, transmit an SSN over the Internet to access a web site unless the connection is secure or the SSN is encrypted;

  • Land of Lincoln Health will not require an individual to use his/her SSN to access a web site unless a PIN number or other authentication device is also used; and,
  • Land of Lincoln Health will not print an individual’s SSN on any materials mailed to an individual unless required by state or federal law.